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Meklē: Never try,never know:): Nopietnām attiecībām - Rīga
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Pievienots: 21. dec 2017 10:22
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Meklē: Never try,never know:): Nopietnām attiecībām - Rīga
Virsraksts: Never try,never know:)
Meklē: Nopietnām attiecībām
Vieta: Rīga
Vecums: 37
Hi there and welcome to 21st Century where people more and more meet each other in the cyber space.

I am 37 years old, live in Riga, doing business projects, having some good hobbies, trying to avoid of being boring:) I am Latvian that speaks fluent English and Russian as well. Single. No kids as well. I am interested to meet a woman to spend time with, establish friendship, someone original, smart, with beautiful eyes, beautiful voice, in good shape - physically and mentally. I am 180/88. Blue eyes, brown short hair. Intelligent bohemian:) I would love to invite You for a drink, dinner, cinema, or any other social or sports activity that could let us know each other better. What if...we could become friends:)

Would be really great if you'd write the answer in English as well. English, Latvian and Russian - these are not just languages but paths to discover world around us. I wouldn't be happy to avoid part of movies, books, information, music etc. simply because my girlfriend wouldn't understand that part of my world. Your age is less important than Your EIQ. And frankly speaking If you seek financial gains, please go seek elsewhere.

Long things short - Your short "Hello" is pretty welcome:)