Rules for creating classifieds

  • The ad shall be placed in appropriate categories. We will be deleting the inappropriate; Several ads with one content is not allowed at the same time, not even in different categories – choose the most appropriate one!
  • Ads in the name of another person are not allowed in dating section; Only ads in Latvian, Russian, and English are allowed;
  • Ads, especially titles shall be written clearly and legibly – without using text with CAPITAL LETTERS, text with s p a c i n g and various symbols;
  • When publishing ad, fill in all the fields, in order to provide the most precise impression about the product or service you are offering;
  • Fill in the information and contact details (internet links, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses etc.) only where applicable, not in the text of the ad.
  • It is prohibited to publish nonspecific job ads, offers to distribute cosmetics, food supplements etc. for distributor acquisition “over the internet” offers etc.
  • We are going to remove Your ad if it is sex job proposal, food supplement or medicine trade offer or easy success over the internet claim, MLM (Multi-level marketing) offer;
  • It is forbidden to promote any kind if sexual services, including web-chats.
  • It is forbidden to submit ads which are violating the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, offend a person or a group of persons;
  • It is forbidden to propagate any kind of activities related to arms;
  • The photography shall be corresponding to the content of the ad;
  • Payment for the highlighted, removed ads is not refundable;
  • You are undertaking full responsibility for the content of the published ad and information accuracy of the information;
  • Portal administration reserves the right to edit the text of the ad, move it or remove it without explanation;
  • By submitting the ad, You agree that Your data is stored in the data base of the portal server;
  • By registering in the portal, You agree that portal administration has the right to contact You using information indicated in the profile or ad (telephone number or e-mail);
  • It is forbidden for one company or person to create several profiles and/or use different telephone numbers in order to circumvent ad limit restrictions;
  • I the attached video the product or service offered in the ad shall be visible;
  • You undertake full responsibility for the copyright compliance in the added video;
  • We are going to delete the video ad if it contains violent or pornographic scenes, if it offends persons or groups of persons, or if it contains promotion of products prohibited by the law;
  • It is forbidden to publish a video violating fair competition principles.

Cookie Policy

This document explains how SIA Draugiem (hereinafter referred to as uses cookies on its website, including its mobile version (hereinafter each referred to as the website).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created by the website and sent to the browser on the user’s device (computer, smartphone, tablet) when they visit the website. The user’s browser will send data back to the website on each subsequent visit, allowing the website to recognise the user and recall the user settings (e.g. user ID, language, video and audio volume etc.)

How and why does use cookies?

  • Mandatory cookies. These cookies are essential because they allow the undisturbed use of the website. Without these cookies, connection to the user’s profile and full use of the website functionality is not possible. These cookies identify the user’s device but do not disclose the user’s identity, do not collect or compile user information. These cookies are stored on the user’s device until the browser is closed.
  • Functional cookies. These cookies allow the full and convenient use of the website, and allow users to effectively use the features of the website in a personalised way. Functional cookies keep track of user choices and enable custom features. For instance, they allow “Remember me” functionality, which allows the user to avoid entering their e-mail and password each time. These cookies are stored on the user’s device permanently.
  • Analytics cookies. These cookies collect information when users use the website to e.g. determine which sections are used most frequently, or what services are used more often. The information is used for analysis, to determine what users find interesting, and how the website can be made more convenient. These cookies identify the user’s device but do not disclose their identity. may involve third parties in analysing such cookies, e.g. Google Analytics, Gemius etc. These cookies are stored on the user’s device permanently.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are set by other persons (companies) whose services are used by, or whose services are related to the website. For instance, third party cookies may be used for analytics services, telling what is and what is not popular. Similarly, other websites visited by the user may also incorporate the use of cookies, such as YouTube, and such websites may set cookies of their own, allowing the sharing of content on social networks or obtain access statistics. Third party cookies are beyond the control of; to find out more about these cookies, please visit the relevant third party’s website.

Saving, limiting and rejecting cookies

Upon visiting the website, the user will see a notice about the use of cookies by the website. By closing this notice, the user of the relevant device confirms acquaintance with this cookie policy and consent to the information about cookies (including the types and uses of cookies, involvement of third parties etc.).
The user may control or delete cookies at their discretion. If the user does not want cookies stored on their device, the user may change the settings of their browser. Settings must be changed separately in each browser. The user should note that refusing the use of mandatory and functional cookies is not possible because the full-featured use of the website is impossible without them.
Cookies are sent to the user’s device by as the operator of the website, and these are referred to as “first party” cookies. Some cookies may be sent to the user’s device by a third party unrelated to, and these are referred to as “third party” cookies

Changes to our Cookie Policy may modify this cookie policy at any time. The user is obliged to regularly review the content of this document and be aware of any changes to it.

Contact information

For more on the use of cookies on our website, send your enquiry to the SIA Draugiem e-mail address,